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IoT Course

Considering a career in the Internet of Things (IoT)? Wondering where to start? Your solution is here! Codei5 presents the perfect IoT Courses in Coimbatore. Gain hands-on experience, explore exciting projects, and be well-prepared for a successful IoT career. Enroll now!
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Course Overview

Step into the exciting world of the Internet of Things (IoT) right here in Coimbatore! Our IoT course in Coimbatore takes you on a journey where things connect through the internet’s magic.

1. C-Programming Foundations:
  • Understanding C Tokens, Keywords, Identifiers
  • Exploring Constants, Variables, and Data Types Storage Classes and Operators
  • Control Structures, Switch Statements, Conditional Operators
  • Loops, Break, Pointers, Recursion
  • Arrays, Strings, Structures, Unions, DMA
  • Compilation Process and C Interview Questions
2. Basic Electronics & Digital Electronics:
  • Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, Transistors, Rectifiers
  • Relays, Sensors (Proximity, Infrared, Ultrasonic, Light, Smoke, Gas, Alcohol, Touch, Humidity, Rain, PIR, Water Flow, Soil Moisture, Gyroscope, Accelerometer)
  • Regulators, Actuators, Drivers, DC Motors, Servo Motors
3. Introduction to IoT and Node MCU ESP8266 Basics:
  • Definitions, Applications, and Trends in IoT
  • Node MCU ESP8266 Features, Pin Configuration, Initial Setup
4. Sensors, Actuators, and Data Acquisition:
  • Types of Sensors and Actuators
  • Interfacing Analog and Digital Sensors with Node MCU ESP8266
  • Actuator Control: LEDs, Motors, Relays
  • Data Acquisition and Processing: Analog and Digital Sensor Readings
5. Communication Protocols and Networking in IoT:
  • Wi-Fi Networking for IoT Devices
  • Introduction to MQTT Protocol
  • Implementing MQTT Communication
  • IoT Security: Encryption, Authentication, Best Practices
6. Cloud Integration and Advanced IoT Applications:
  • IoT Cloud Platforms (e.g., AWS IoT, Google Cloud IoT)
  • Integrating NodeMCU-ESP8266 with Cloud Services
  • Building Advanced IoT Applications
  • Remote Monitoring, Control, and Automation
  • IoT Project Development: Idea Generation, Prototyping, Implementation
8. Advanced Topics and Project Development:
  • Multithreading, Interrupts, Libraries in Programming
  • Integrating Multiple Sensors and Actuators
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging in IoT Applications
  • Final Project: Design and Implementation of an Advanced, Real-world IoT Solution


In this Internet of Things class in Coimbatore, explore hardware, software, and connections, sparking innovation in different fields. Whether you’re a student, pro, or just love tech, this course opens the door to the thrilling Internet of Things universe!


Best IoT Course in Coimbatore

Explore the popular IoT Training in Coimbatore, perfect for tech enthusiasts of any level. We start with simple C-Programming and dive into intriguing topics like Cloud Integration and Mobile App Development.

Ever wondered how devices communicate with each other? Eager to craft inventive solutions for the future? Join us for hands-on sessions! Our approachable instructors will walk you through real-world IoT tasks, preparing you for the tech scene. We’ll also discuss the significance of ethics and sustainability in Internet of Things.

Ready to shape the future of connectivity? Enroll now and tell yourself that you’ve found the right place for your future career in IoT.  By joining, you’re taking the first step toward a promising journey in the Internet of Things. Secure your spot today and set the course for a rewarding career in this dynamic field.


Why Choose Codei5’s IoT Course in Coimbatore?

At Codei5, we understand that the key to a successful IoT journey lies in a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. Here’s why our IoT course in Coimbatore stands out:

  1. Interaction with Experts:

Our IoT Training Course lets you talk to smart folks who know a lot about IoT. Ask questions, get good advice, and learn stuff that’s not just in the books.

  1. Live Projects:

Forget just reading. With live projects, you get to use what you’ve learned. Solve problems like the pros do and build a cool portfolio to show off your skills.

  1. Recorded Video Lectures:

Missed a class? No big deal. Watch recorded videos whenever you want. It’s like having your own personal library of lessons.

  • Study Materials:

We give you easy-to-understand study materials. Think of them as your GPS through the course – guiding you with extra examples, insights, and useful stuff.

  • Resume Preparation:

We’ll help you create a killer resume. Show off your new IoT skills and make employers take notice.

  • Mock Interview:

Practice makes perfect. Our mock interview sessions help you get ready for the real deal. Get feedback, boost your confidence, and learn how to talk about your skills.

  • Internship Completion Certificate:

Complete an internship, and we’ll give you a certificate to show off. It’s proof that you’ve done more than just learn – you’ve put your skills to work.

  •  Course Completion Certificate:

Upon successfully completing the course, receive a recognized Course Completion Certificate from Codei5. Show it off to bosses and say, “I’m ready for cool tech stuff!” It’s like a badge of honor for your resume.

What you’ll learn
  • Basic understanding of Internet of Things (IoT) concepts
  • Power of IoT and how an IoT system works
  • Application of IoT
  • IoT Device Hardware, Scaling, Manufacturing & Shipping, Gateways
  • What is IoT, Why to learn IoT, History & Growth of IoT
  • Fundamental components of an IoT system
  • Overview of Sensors and Devices


  • Enthusiasm and determination to make your mark on the world!


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